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surface design studio

kalaii is a creative studio of pattern and design that develop personalized prints and illustrations full of identity to help brands connect with their customers.

our design vibrates with warm, cheerful colors inspired by our Brazilian origin and Armenia, descendant place of our founder and creative director Juliana, and fertile ground for our creations. thus, we have developed our own style that can be applied to decoration pieces, stationery items, fabrics and fashion sectors, spaces, events and much more.

mandalas, with their timeless geometries, are the main backdrop for the studio's creations, their shapes and lines allows an infinity of applications of colors, tones and textures in our prints and illustrations.

in addition to prints, we develop custom projects, workshops and events with a single purpose: to bring more color and joy to your day-to-day.

our creative team, then, is led by Juliana, who brings her enchantment for shapes, patterns and geometry from her background in architecture. "the house, this place that we recognize as our home, is something of great value. the spaces awaken sensations and I always understood that this is the place of art. over time, I became enchanted by the details, and with the effect that each design piece evoke. this is what kalaii is all about", points out the designer.

kalaii was then born from her passion for art, especially drawing. in the strokes, colors and shapes of each print, our design strengthens each brand that seeks us out with exclusive, timeless and unique art.

make your life more colorful with us!


kalaii has a portifolio plenty of arts available for licensing for you and you brand to use on your products. 

KALAII - 46.jpg

are you interested in an exclusive design or illustration for an special place or occasion? let's get in touch!

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