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kalaii is a creative studio of pattern and design, founded in 2016 by Juliana Kalaigian to put in practice her passion for art and design. tapping into the expertise of the designer, kalaii builds exclusive patterns which can be easily transferred to decor items, fashion, stationery, and others.


mandalas, geometric representations symbolizing the dynamic relationship between man and the universe, are the background for the studio's creations. their shapes and lines allow for an infinity of color applications, different tones and textures, creating special forms with unique plasticity.


an architecture graduate, Juliana believes that spaces can transform feelings and evoke good or bad sensations. through design, she has found a way to participate in the construction of not only these spaces, but also the day-by-day experience using shapes and colors. in each of kalaii's pattern, you can see, in addition to inspirations that have captured her attention over her trajectory, a mix of Brazilian elements with Juliana's warm and joyful colors.


a sketchbook always at hand stimulates her creative mind on a daily basis, which is perceived in the results of her work: giving life to patterns that can be drawn by hand or printed. kalaii's work are available through the website kalaii.com.br, where you can find a diversity of illustrations and patterns, and also develop special projects.

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